The Full Story


We started our journey in Stockholm, Sweden — home of the world’s most digitally advanced society and a world-class start-up ecosystem. We noticed that in smaller markets, it’s not easy to access competitive and high-quality management consulting services: local companies are too small to offer everything clients need, while international companies are not easy to access, either lacking a strong local presence and intricate understanding of the landscape, or extremely high billables. As our company grew, we understood that our approach is fit not only for smaller markets but for bigger markets tend to benefit as well.

Taking advantage of our unique origin and experience, we took a Challenger approach in the management consulting sector to bridge that gap. We decided to mix smart people with lean and agile processes and structures, thus creating the leading company in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Until today, we have exported our business model to Emerging Asia as well as to the Europe, and now we are present in 3 other countries. We have been developing our company based on the “one company” principle — so that even our smaller local offices are able to serve big projects in multiple areas. 

Our main tenets for success:

  • We challenge our competitors — we deliver more value, at scale.

  • We challenge our clients — we are not afraid to ask the tough questions and help clients to challenge themselves or their own industries. 

  • We challenge ourselves — we like unconventional projects.

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To help private businesses and governmental organizations navigate through an increasingly turbulent world by creating more resilient and sustainable business strategies.


To be the hub of strategic brand and trade marketing, and economic modelling research consultants who will help build and develop your business with razor-sharp focus.

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